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Microideation is a platform for crafting and discovering micro content of 30 seconds read on your preferred topics.

A better way to keep up with your interests

New-age content

Imagine discovering something new and interesting on the topics you love explained as simple 30 second read. No noise, no intros. Just the no-nonsense crux of the content.That's a "microideation"

Follow interest

The content could vary from learning or academics topics to cooking recipies, photography tips. All explained as 30 second read content using rich text and images. You are in control of the content and could freeze and deep dive into something anytime.


Every time a new unseeen content is presented to you and could swipe through them as you would do in a social media stream. Found and interesting topic, freeze and follow more content on it.



Content curated and ranked by the open community members. The best entries gets trending and the irrelevant collapses

Quick & Concise

You get to read the content as the crux of the topic. No noise or irrelevant intros. This is the best knowledge you can acquire in 30 seconds.


New fresh content on each swipe. Simple gesture based navigation allows you to switch as you would do in a social media stream.


Create content and get recogized in the community. Public profiles and featured leader boards for the best contributors for content you are best at.

How to join

Expert in a field ?

Create micro content easily on the area of your expertise that can be discovered by the like minded users. Get ranked based on the upvotes and be recogized in the community.

Following an interest ?

Microideation allows you to set preferences and get simple 30 second read contents on them continously. Navigate with simple gestures and freeze when want to deep dive. Download Now !!



Be part of a next-gen community of experts and users who are looking for simple bite sized content on their preferred topics.


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