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Microideation is a platform for crafting and discovering ideations ( single page content of less than 500 characters) on preferred topics.

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Microideation app redefines the learning experience by presenting the explanation for topics as ideations. A microideation (or simply ideation ) is a concrete explanation of a topic within 500 characters created by subject-matter-experts on the field using rich formatting and images. You can navigate the ideations using simple swipe gestures and each swipe brings up a new unseen content based on preferences. This allows for the continuous discovery of relevant ideations irrespective of whether you are on a metro train heading home or while having a peaceful cup of morning coffee.

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Friendly Features

Expert Crafted

The content on topics are created by subject-matter-experts.

Quick & Concise

Explaining exact points within 500 characters using rich text.


New fresh content on each swipe. Freeze and follow your interests.


Craft content as an ideator and get recognized for your knowledge.

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